So did you all have a good Christmas? Given the challenging circumstances? If nothing else I guess the lockdown gives us more opportunity to read. December has not been particularly eventful in the BookNerd household. Frankly even Christmas was just another day – albeit with a very nice roast dinner and way too much chocolate.Continue reading “DECEMBER 2020”


How on earth is it December already?! ‘spose I’d better start thinking about the ‘C’ word! I hope you’re all doing ok. News just through that Covid-19 vaccinations are imminent, so things are looking up! So November has been another great reading month. I’ve read some really great books, although have only reviewed 3. Yeah,Continue reading “NOVEMBER 2020”

September 2020

It’s been an odd year so far, by anyone’s standards. Days dragging, yet we’re in October already! So how was your September? I’ve had a couple of weeks at my caravan, rarely speaking to a soul – what bliss! I’ve been very much in need of peace and quiet – time to be selfish. ForContinue reading “September 2020”

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